About Me

I am a simple second-grade teacher at an independent K-12 school in Texas, living in a not-so-simple world. I adhere to the KISS principal (Keep It Simple Sweetie!), and I so wish I could have lived in the “June Cleaver” era. 

I love to debate, visit, and write, yet I often am accused of being too wordy in all arenas.  Hence, this mini-blog is dedicated toward writing simplistically…plain, simple language which quickly “cuts to the chase.”  If you enjoy winding through prolific, sophisticated, long-winded verbosities…this site is not for you.

Should your world be cluttered with numerous details, or decisions are daunting and perspectives complicated,  perhaps ponderings presented here will afford you the breathing space to reflect upon fundamental and basic thoughts. My goal is for you to think, “Who is this simple woman?  She just makes sense!”

Follow me as I transition into the miraculous and exciting 21st Century of education (and life), while putting a 1950’s simple spin on how to “survive, thrive,” (thanks, Leah Treesh) and perhaps simply revive.

About Mrs. Cooper

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Professional Learning Practices

Catapulting Pigs/Trajectory

Project Based Learning "Trajectory"

Project Based Learning “Trajectory”


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