What is Leadership to a Second Grader?


What Attributes Make a Leader?

Mrs. Cooper’s second grade class devoted the months of February and March to evaluating United States Presidents. They reviewed qualities required of an effective president, which led to an in-depth inquiry about the differences between fame and heroism, as well as a search to determine characteristic traits of leaders in general. Students prepared and displayed research reports about their particular presidents in the Lower School Library.

presidential evals   presidential reports 

Students & parents participated in an on-line “Take My Poll” on Mrs. Cooper’s Webpage to submit their vote for the Presidential Trait they felt was most important. 


What trait do you think is most important for a president?
Choice Responses Percentage
Wisdom 1 3.70%
Honesty 9 33.33%
Intelligence 3 11.11%
Compassion 1 3.70%
Determination 13 48.15%

During a discussion of the results from the poll, students shared that a president should persevere and not give up, even when facing opposition and disappointments.  Hence, “Determination” was the trait that received the most votes. There were compelling arguments that Honesty was very important as well.

Dr. Krahn, TVS Headmaster, was invited to visit the class to share his ideas and visions about leadership. Students asked thoughtful questions and offered second-grade solutions for issues facing Dr. Krahn and other world leaders.

Krahn   krahn1

The students then began the writing process about leadership in their journals, but yearned to share their insights with others. With the collaboration between Technology Teacher, Mrs. Karen Arrington, and Mrs. Cooper, the student researchers began to blog their thoughts. Thanks to the proficient curration skills of Mrs. Arrington, the process went full-circle into publication.  The project made the top story this week in Mrs. Arrington’s blog! Readers and responders are encouraged to visit Mrs. Cooper’s blog and are welcome to leave comments for these presidential experts!




About Jane Roe Cooper

I am a lower school educator navigating the complexities discovered while guiding the development of young minds.
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